Bing Streetside






Everybody knows there’s Google Street View, but who knows there also is Bing Streetside? I usually don’t spend much time with such stuff, but last night I thought I should check out the Bing version (anticipating the occasional art project). (more)

Streetside is easy to use, even on my little netbook. I noticed immediately how it looks rather colourful, and it has a lot of detail. I see a post by Greg Allen in the future, since Streetside also has quite a few of interpolation artifacts. Have a look at the images to see some details.

Now whether or not this - or Google Street View - is useful or whatever else I don’t know. I personally have never used it to look up what a place looks like before going. But as I said, someone might use this for yet another art project. I don’t think we’ve quite seen the full potential of what such art projects could be actually…