Brief Review: Cutting Edges - Contemporary Collage


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Collage art has a long history, but is it really that interesting? Are people still doing it? What are people doing? There isn’t all that much literature about it, even though once you start poking around the net, you’ll run into quite a few artists working on collages. So in case the various examples of collage art I’ve featured on this blog have made you want to see much more, the recently released Cutting Edges: Contemporary Collage provides a great overview of contemporary collage. (more)

My own interest in collages is based on me wanting to see people “remix” images/photographs. If photographers can crop their images why shouldn’t other artists take parts of them and combine them with something else, to create completely new images?

Of course, while most of the artists featured in the book remix images, some results end a bit too much on the whimsical or cutesy side of things. Be that as it may, the sheer range of work in Cutting Edges: Contemporary Collage shows that collage art is much more diverse - and alive - than one might imagine.