FOAM symposium on the future of photography


General Photography


Amsterdam photography museum FOAM is celebrating their ten-year anniversary in style, asking What’s Next? Aside from the website where everybody is invited to contribute answers to some of the questions that might be in people’s minds (you can also submit a question) there was an expert meeting, a one-day conference, bringing together artists, journalists, writers/bloggers, editors, and other experts to talk about and discuss what could be next. (more)

Of course, everybody has some idea of what might be - and certainly what should be - next. We probably won’t agree on much, but clearly having as many ideas out in the open is a good approach, because things are not happening on their own, they are happening because people make them happen. So the contributions by the various participants covered a wide spectrum, ranging from where photojournalism might go to how the roles of museums/curating might evolve to the latest developments in New York City’s art-photography scene (the latter felt a tad solipsistic). There were brief talks, plus two sets of panel discussions, and the only thing I really would have to complain about - if prodded - is that I wish it had been more than one day.

Many aspects discussed are already up on the What’s Next? site, so repeating them here defeats that site’s purpose. I was told there would be images and more up, too. And the idea really is for people to contribute, to talk about what the future of photography might bring, so head right over, have a look, and contribute your ideas!