Donald Weber’s Interrogations


General Photography

Colin Pantall published an interview with Donald Weber about the photographer’s images of Russian police interrogations. I’m not sure I buy the photographer’s final answer, but that’s for another day maybe. (updated below)

Update (10 Nov 10): I’m back home after a short trip, and I finally got time for a few more words that what I wrote before. The reason why I wrote that I don’t buy the last answer is pretty simple actually. I’ve never been a big fan of the theory that watching or looking at something makes one automatically complicit. In that sense, I’m with Don when he says he’s not complicit. That said, if viewers are complicit (big if for me) then that cannot exclude the photographer. The idea that complicity somehow does not apply for the only external (meaning neither cop nor criminal) viewer who is actually present (and who takes the photos) doesn’t work at all for me.