‘Online Literacy Is a Lesser Kind’



“When Jakob Nielsen, a Web researcher, tested 232 people for how they read pages on screens, a curious disposition emerged. […] Nielsen has gauged user habits and screen experiences for years, charting people’s online navigations and aims, using eye-tracking tools to map how vision moves and rests. In this study, he found that people took in hundreds of pages ‘in a pattern that’s very different from what you learned in school.’ It looks like a capital letter F. At the top, users read all the way across, but as they proceed their descent quickens and horizontal sight contracts, with a slowdown around the middle of the page. Near the bottom, eyes move almost vertically, the lower-right corner of the page largely ignored. It happens quickly, too. ‘F for fast,’ Nielsen wrote in a column. ‘That’s how users read your precious content.’” - story

PS: The irony of this all is that you won’t be able to properly read the whole article if its contents is true.

PPS: This all makes me wonder whether I should compile my Conversations with photographers into a proper book. Any publisher interested?