Conversations With Photographers

Vol. 1: Brian Ulrich, Hellen van Meene, Christopher Anderson

Conversations With Photographers expands contents published on Conscientious Extended and brings it to a bookshelf near (next to) you! Volume 1, now available, presents in-depth interviews with Brian Ulrich, Hellen van Meene, and Christopher Anderson. Two of these interviews were previously published on Conscientious Extended: Brian Ulrich, 2006, and Christopher Anderson, 2010. The book includes new follow-up interviews for both photographers. In addition, there is a brand-new interview with Hellen van Meene about her new body of work.

The Conversations With Photographers series is designed with portability in mind. It's a softcover, measuring 4" x 6" (10cm x 15cm), 54 pages, and it costs $8.00. The series will be expanded with new additions regularly. There are 300 copies available for Volume 1 right now, depending on demand more copies will be printed.

Getting your copy of Conversations With Photographers - Volume 1 is simple: Use the pull-down menu below to choose your location, and click on the button to purchase. If your country/region is not included in the list, please email me (jmcolberg at to make arrangements. S/H costs are: US $2.00, Canada $3.00 (USD), Europe/Japan $4.50 (USD).

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