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Jan 16, 2007

There’s nothing that embodies the kind of hotel I’m in better than the smallish TV set, which is made to hover in a corner of the room by means of this kind of suspension. Since the last photo I took of one of these already disappeared in what one might imagine to be the depths of the internet (reality is much too mundane for modern man or woman), I had to take a new photo, somewhat fittingly this time a digital one. I still have the old Polaroid, though, somewhere at home, and I have the nagging feeling that it will continue to exist, physically, beyond the digital life time of this new photo, and I’m not saying that because I’m old-fashioned or a cynic (even though, deep down, I might be a bit of both).
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Oct 29, 2004

If there ever was an art of travel I’m afraid I’m not familiar with it (likewise for the art of attending a conference). Calling it the art of travel implies there is a technique to it, something that you can do to make traveling enjoyable. But what I’ve found is that traveling is mosty enjoyable when I do absolutely nothing to prepare myself for it; and then I do absolutely nothing that could take away from anything that might and, inevitably, will happen (however, note to self: In the future, avoid US Airways, the worst airline in the world, even if it is just one flight out of four).
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Aug 13, 2004

sketch-book n. 1. A pad of paper used for sketching. Also called sketchpad. 2. A book of literary sketches. (2b. Conscientious’ new category in the spirit of 2.)
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Oct 16, 2003

This is going to be the first entry about my most recent traveling, to Germany and France. It’s a bit more personal than the other ones which will be (slightly unusual) travel photos only.
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