Towards the 21st Century: Introduction


General Photography

Earlier this year, Colin Pantall and I sent out the following email to a group of bloggers: “To celebrate new ideas in photography, we are asking people to nominate up to five photographers who have demonstrated an openness to use new ideas in photography, who have taken chances with their photography and have shown an unwillingness to play it safe. These three categories can be interpreted in any way. We ask that people put their nominations up on their photography blogs starting Monday, September 17th, with a short text and a key image (from 100 words up to however long you think ‘short’ can be) as a nice way to kickstart the Autumn: a collective effort of the photography blog community.” It is not unlikely that the list of people Colin and I invited is woefully incomplete. If you have a blog and want to chime in, please do so - the more people participate, the merrier! On this site, the contributions to the project are going to be listed under (the admittedly somewhat hyperbolic) “Towards the 21st Century” (but then again isn’t so much photography still solidly stuck in the 1970s?), and I will present three photographers and, to expand things a little bit, two photobooks, one each every day. At the end of this week, I’ll try to collect each of the responses and produce one big post with all the various contributions.