Facing Change


General Photography

What do David Burnett, Alan Chin, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Danny Wilcox Frazier, Stanley Greene, Brenda Ann Kenneally, Andrew Lichtenstein, Carlos Javier Ortiz, Lucian Perkins, and Anthony Suau have in common? They’re not afraid of home. Along with writers Dan Baum, Katherine Boo, Alan Burdick, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Eliza Griswold, Margaret Knox, Alex Kotlowitz, Andrew Meier, David Samuels, they are members of Facing Change - Documenting America: “At a time when America faces enormous challenges, FCDA will embed photographer/writer teams in communities across America to vividly illustrate the nation’s most pressing concerns-from health care to immigration to the cost of the war on terror. The result will be an unparalleled collection of visual and textual narratives accessible through an innovative online platform […] enabling a direct dialogue with America on the stories and issues. As media outlets yield to corporate considerations, narrowing their coverage of vital issues FCDA is acting to fill that gap by humanize a wide spectrum of neglected and misunderstood issues.” Check it out!