Coming soon: The Complete Winogrand



It’s widely known that when Garry Winogrand died, he left behind hundreds of thousands of unedited images and more than 2,500 undeveloped rolls of film. What is less widely known, at least until now, is the plan by a consortium of some of the biggest photobook publishers to publish each and every photo ever taken by Garry Winogrand. Work on this project has so far been incredibly secretive, but first details have now leaked out. The Complete Winogrand will be a set of 75 books, each with around 1,000 pages and multiple images per page, with a grand total of around 300,000 images. The books will not be released all at the same time, instead there will be a subscription. The first book comes with a custom-made steel shelf designed to hold all 75 books (each book will weigh approximately 8 pounds, so the full set of books will be 600 pounds). There will only be a limited number of subscriptions available, so if you want to own a set, or if you are interested in more details check out the website for The Complete Winogrand.