Creating images off the screen


General Photography


Maybe Bill Sullivan should think about submitting his work to World Press Photo. You never know. In this day and age, taking photos of a screen already is photojournalism, even if the journalism bit is entirely missing. But joking aside, I think there is a lot of great work that can be done off a computer screen. And I want to use some of Bill’s work as example of what you can do. There are the self portraits with mirrors, for example, or the volleyball series. I especially like how the self portraits with mirrors really not just grabs images off the screen, but also contains an explicit element of our “me me me” culture, and the absurdity it creates. And that ties in with what has been my concern with this kind of work for a long time: The element of curation that is involved in such work for me has to offer something that adds significantly to collection of images (whereas the act of taking a photo off one’s computer screen, whether or not it involves some camera or whatever, is completely irrelevant for me).