Conscientious Portfolio/Project Reviews and Consultations



I revamped my online portfolio reviews and added a couple additional services, project reviews and consultations. Here’s what these are: A portfolio review is, well, what you’d imagine it is. A project review is a series of meet-ups, designed for photographers who are working on a project and want feedback on a project in progress. The number of meet-ups and overall structure will be arranged to accommodate the photographer’s needs. A consultation is designed for photographers who have general questions about their website, social networking, how to approach galleries, how to design a photobook or publish a photobook, etc. Everything will be done via Skype, so there are no travel costs (meet-ups in person can be arranged, too). Portfolio reviews are US$60 or US$100 for 30 minutes or an hour, respectively. I’ll set up a separate website with more details over the next few days. In the meantime, email me (review at for more information.