Announcing: Picturing Economic Hardships



I know I’m somewhat shameless today, but here’s another workshop announcement: “[OR]EDU, an innovative online educational initiative originated in Russia and launched by Objective Reality Foundation in 2008, is now offering its workshops internationally. In the fall of 2010 [OR]EDU opened its free online workshops in photography and multimedia to applicants worldwide. [OR]EDU project aims at supporting contemporary narratives, and engaging both professional authors and the audience in navigating the wide range of social issues through visual storytelling.” (more)

I was asked to teach a workshop, and I came up with Picturing Economic Hardships, which focuses on, well, how to produce photography around the recession etc. I believe this topic is not only particularly relevant now (and, if things continue the way they are currently evolving, for man years), it also seems to ask for new approaches to image-making.

The workshop - just like all [OR]EDU workshops - will be done online. For more information on all the current workshops visit this page.