Announcing: Book Case Study




“Inde­pen­dently pro­duced and pub­lished photo books have gained preva­lence over the past years, and have proven them­selves to be an effec­tive way to dis­sem­i­nate pho­tog­ra­phy. How­ever, while mak­ing photo books may have become eas­ier than ever, mak­ing truly awe­some photo books is as dif­fi­cult and chal­leng­ing as it ever was. Enter Book Case Study: a three-day work­shop focussing on the art of the inde­pen­dent photo book.” (source) (more)

I’m incredibly excited to be involved in this workshop, specifically tailored towards how to actually work on the design of a photobook: “Over the course of the Book Case Study work­shop, pro­fes­sional pho­tog­ra­phers and graphic design­ers will exchange and refine their ideas about cutting-edge book design in an hands-on envi­ron­ment, aided by spe­cial­ists in the field. Together with senior stu­dents of the Royal Art Acad­emy in The Hague and stu­dents from the Master’s in Design & Typografie from WT/Artez in Arn­hem, par­tic­i­pants will develop three case stud­ies.”

And it gets better: “At the end of the work­shop pro­gram, one of these case stud­ies will be selected to be final­ized into a full blown, pro­fes­sion­ally made, print ready pub­li­ca­tion, with a value of 2000 euros.”

Supported by LhGWR, the workshop will be co-taught/led by Hester Keijser, Hans Gremmen, and myself.

Find all the details - how to apply etc. - here.

Hopefully, we will be able to bring the same workshop to the US at some stage in the future.