Hyères 2010: And the winners are…


General Photography


I’m literally just back from the International Fashion and Photography Festival in Hyères. As I mentioned before (and I will again, in another post hopefully tomorrow), if you’re one of the ten invited photographers you are already a winner (please don’t take this as some shallow statement; more on this later, too). But, of course, everybody wants to hear about the person - or in this case persons - picked by the jury. Here they are. (more)

This year, the jury decided to honour two photographers. There’s Yann Gross and his work on skateboarders in Uganda (image on the left). And there’s Matthieu Lavanchy, with Mr. Schuhlmann or The Man in the High Castle (image on the right).

I will interview both photographers to have them speak about their work on this site in the very near future. Congratulations to both!