“Chatting with #class Co-Curator Jennifer Dalton about Ethics”


Art, General Culture

Here is a great interview with artist Jennifer Dalton about the various problems haunting the art world. (more)

A couple of quotes that deeply resonated with me:

“I think ethics should play a role in every area of human activity; the art world is not separate in any meaningful way. I think we should always try to do what is right, honest, helpful and productive, and strive to act in a way that we wish everyone else would act. It is not always achievable, but that’s the goal.”
“In part, the #class project definitely evolved from a feeling that the art world is not governed by a normal sense of right and wrong. Some of our particular bones to pick were that artists cannot count on getting paid for sales by their galleries […], that the finances of contemporary museums seem to be forcing them toward inane blockbusters and/or exhibitions of ethically challenged conception, that the most ‘important’ art events have become absurd parodies of spectacles, and that what used to be multiple avenues of artistic ‘success’ have winnowed down into the single definition of conspicuous validation by the art market.”