A Good Set of Morning Reads


General Culture, General Photography

I came across a whole set of great morning reads; so here they are as a good start into a new week: Colin Pantall compares the fashion industry with the Catholic Church, writing “the real reason I despise the fashion industry is because of the way they inflict their distorted, degraded insecurities on us, the way they try to devalue our minds, our bodies and our values in a way we can’t escape.” Over at No Caption Needed, Robert Hariman uses a satirical (fake) magazine cover to debate some conventions of photojournalism: “Communication depends on conventions of representation, but it can become trapped in them. As much as humanitarians rightly insist on the value of the individual person, there may nonetheless be times when we don’t need to see another face. Given the scale of the humanitarian disasters now and to come, more thought might be given to how even things can speak.” And lastly, Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento asks Are We Really Headed Toward Permission-Based Art Making? Not so, he argues: “This fear would be true only if artists continue to give up on the challenges posed by creativity and gave in to facile and lazy intellectual hyperbole.”