The Art of Collage


Art, General Photography

I have long been fascinated by collages, and I thought I’ll have a week showing only collage work. Collages, of course, usually involve photography (so there’s a connection with the usual focus of the blog), and at least in principle they’re easy to make. All you need are a bunch of images, scissors and some glue. That doesn’t fully explain why collages might be the most underrated art form, though. After all, to take a photograph all you have to do is to aim your camera and press the shutter. There definitely is something peculiar about collages, and I’ve collected some artists to feature this week. The selection is in no way supposed to be definitive - I’m sure there are artists that I missed. Regular (“pure” photography) posting will resume this Friday - with new photo book reviews. In the meantime, enjoy the strange worlds of collage art!