The New York Art Voyeurism Cicada


General Photography

“A new collection of images by Manhattan photographer Yasmine Chatila is causing quite a buzz throughout the city. […] Seems as thought Chatila sees an open window as an invitation to snap what’s going on in front of it; she doesn’t get permission to take the photos.” PDNPule writes. Gasp! Oh, no, she didn’t! Well… Wasn’t there something just like this, about ten years ago maybe? Also b/w, a bit grainy, if I remember it correctly… Problem is I can’t remember the name of the photographer (anyone?), but I’m really certain it also had something to do with naked people shot through their windows. Which, unless I misremember things, would make these kinds of buzzes appear once a decade, almost as if they’re art-world cicadas…

Update: Readers Don Hamerman, Mike Lim, and David Simonton reminded me what I was thinking of (thank you!), it’s Merry Alpern’s Dirty Windows (many photos here).

Update: And here is a broader look at “Voyeuristic art photography”. I would probably add Alison Jackson to the list.