Why photography?


General Photography

Via Tyler Green’s blog I found this post, in which seven photographers explain why they work in photography.

Selected highlights: Feng Bin: “As the moments flow in the world, they flow in me as well. By freezing those moments in still pictures, I’m presenting my view of the world in that constant flow. And photography becomes a way for me to explore the outside world as well as my inner self.”

Chen Nong: “However, I don’t really think a photograph can mirror reality; everything has multiple viewpoints, which depend on your personal insight, or your angle of view; perhaps what the photo shows us is something primal. I cannot deny that this is why photographs fascinate me so much.”

Miyako Ishiuchi: “A photograph is a reproduction of the surface of what you see, but the image of the photograph continues beyond the frame, and reflects the artist’s self, with many layers of concern and intention, widely, deeply, and beautifully.”

Asako Narahashi: “I sometimes notice an attractive image I was completely unaware of when I photographed it. I find more than I expect to find, and this ‘discovery’ brings me great pleasure. It feels like a kind of a gift from heaven. I believe this interesting experience of ‘discovery’ in work comes from the depth of photography.”