‘sue and be damned’


General Culture, General Photography

Here is a classical case of ridiculous Photoshopping meeting the fashion industry meeting corporate bullying: “Last month, Xeni [a boing boing writerer] blogged about the photoshop disaster that is this Ralph Lauren advertisement, in which a model’s proportions appear to have been altered to give her an impossibly skinny body (‘Dude, her head’s bigger than her pelvis’). Naturally, Xeni reproduced the ad in question. This is classic fair use: a reproduction ‘for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting,’ etc. However, Ralph Lauren’s marketing arm and its law firm don’t see it that way. According to them, this is an ‘infringing image,’ and they thoughtfully took the time to send a DMCA takedown notice to our awesome ISP, Canada’s Priority Colo. […] So, to Ralph Lauren, GreenbergTraurig, and PRL Holdings, Inc: sue and be damned. Copyright law doesn’t give you the right to threaten your critics for pointing out the problems with your offerings. You should know better.”