Conscientious Portfolio Competition 2009 - The Winners


General Photography

After having looked through 575 submissions, plus 25 ten-image portfolios for the second round, I managed to pick the three winners of this year’s (first) Conscientious Portfolio Competition. The second round was tough - I could have easily picked more winners; and I am very impressed by the amazing quality of the work that I received. I will introduce and interview the three winners in much more detail over the next weeks; here are their names (in alphabetical order) and the portfolios they submitted:

CPC2009_LydiaPanas.jpg Lydia Panas, “The Mark of Abel”

CPC2009_BradleyPeters.jpg Bradley Peters, “Home Theater”

CPC2009_DavidWright.jpg David Wright, “Alebtong, Uganda”

Congratulations to the winners! I’m looking forward to very interesting conversations!