Conscientious Portfolio Competition - update


The submission deadline for the Conscientious Portfolio Competition has passed, and now it’s time for me to move on to the second stage. I did not anticipate the amount of interest in the competition - I received 575 submissions, and there is a lot of good work to choose from. Given the large number of submissions I decided to change the prize a little, so now there will be three winners (instead of one), and as I said before other work might also appear on the blog - there are many discoveries to be featured here later.

Given the large number of submissions I was unable to respond to the submissions. Those 25 photographers picked for the second stage will hear from me once I managed to narrow the field down. If you don’t hear from me that unfortunately means that you weren’t one of the 25, but you might find your work on the blog in the future.

Once I have the photos for the second round I’ll pick the three winners, and I hope to be able to announce them by the end of next week. So stay tuned…