The Lessons of Lindsay


General Photography

You have probably seen Matt Mendelsohn’s The Lessons of Lindsay over on Rob’s blog already (where I found it). I’m re-posting it here for a large variety of reasons. First, it’s a story that I think needs to be seen. Second, as Rob writes the photographer “shopped it around to several publishers but they all turned him down. At one big national newspaper the publisher said ‘advertisers wanted happier stories, not ‘depressing’ ones.’” And there is a very important point: Magazines and newspapers are losing a lot of readers because many people are sick and tired of reading irrelevant fluff about celebrities and pseudo-news about how, for example, drinking coffee in the morning is good for your health (I’m making this one up, but I’m sure there is some research that will say this). Photographers like Matt deserve massive credit for working on stories like The Lessons of Lindsay, especially given that pitching those stories to magazines and newspapers - and thus giving a voice to people like Lindsay - has become so hard.