Websites need big photos! Plus: Download this!


General Photography

The list of possible sins one can commit with one’s website is pretty long, and it includes - apart from very bad or unusable navigation and goofy music - such gems as tiny images or gigantic copyright text over the images or terrible image-compression artifacts (or, of course, any combination of those). As Brian said during the blogging panel in New York, if your images are so precious (that you’re worried about people stealing them) why put them online? Regardless, it might be worthwhile to point out some recently overhauled websites to see some good solutions. Turns out Brian’s website was just re-done, and it can serve as a nice example: Nice big images, very simple navigation. Another good example is Chris Buck’s website. Get this: It’s not only easy to use, it even has a “download” button - so if, for example, you want PL diCorcia to stare at you, you can simply download the image as a pdf file. Perfect! I’d love to see something like that more often! And I’m sure if someone tried to use any of those downloaded photos for something commercial without permission, they’d hear from Chris’ lawyer. BTW, don’t miss Chris’ new celebrity look alikes (under “Isn’t”).