‘The Gallery Show Review is an Endangered Species’


General Photography

Excellent post from the folks over at DLK Collection: The Gallery Show Review is an Endangered Species. Key quote: “the erosion of print media, and in particular, the waning coverage of everyday run of the mill gallery shows, is going to continue to cause gallery owners to rethink how they build word of mouth for their artists, how they find new accepted sources of reference-able credibility to ease the concerns of uncertain collectors, and how they more broadly generate some buzz. […] If the coverage of photography (and gallery shows more specifically) by the mainstream press is going to slowly wither away, we as a community need to step into the breach and start writing. Most of all, we owe it to the artists/photographers, who deserve more from this community than deafening silence.” I agree with this 100% - which is (in part) why I started reviewing photography shows on this blog a while ago, something I hope to be able to expand in the future.