Conscientious needs your support!


This week, Conscientious celebrates its seven-year anniversary. If you have followed the blog, you probably noted that I have been steadily expanding it, so that, after seven years, the almost 4,000 posts now not only contain introductions of almost 2,000 photographers from all over the world, but also over fifty extended interviews, over eighty book reviews, slightly over a dozen exhibition reviews (the latest addition), and hundreds of other posts on photography, many short, some long. And there will be many, many more.

Over the past few months, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the blog. Adding more and more features has been an immense pleasure, and I will continue doing this. But it also means that I have to raise some funds, so I will have the freedom to do some of the things that currently are not possible. This includes being able to work with additional people.

So if you enjoy reading this blog and its daily posts, please consider supporting it financially. I set up a Paypal button, which makes donating very simple and convenient (if you want to avoid Paypal, please email me: jmcolberg at Your donation will not only go towards sustaining Conscientious, but also towards its expansion. Any donation will be extremely appreciated!