101 49 Billionaires


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Rob Hornstra’s book “101 Billionaires” made it into this blog’s ‘best of 2008’ list and into countless others. “101 Billionaires” - self published by Rob - quickly sold out, but for those who missed out on it, there now is a second edition: The Crisis Edition (what with the number of billionaires in Russia now sadly down to 49). It’s a hardcover edition, just as beautiful as the first one, and at 46 Euros (it’s less if you live in Europe) it’s a real steal. There are 1,000 copies - I don’t expect them to be available for long, so you better order a copy quickly.

For those who already own the book, but of course also for everybody else, Rob’s new project is called The Sotchi Project. As you can imagine from someone who self publishes beautiful photo books that sell like hotcakes, Rob is full of ideas. In this case, you can support him and his work financially, and depending on your level of support, you get access to the full website, updates/publications, and/or special edition prints.