300 x 404, After Untitled (Cowboy) 2003 by Richard Prince


“So the other day, I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Slate’s editors were, ‘ironically, unable to get permission’ to reproduce Richard Prince’s Untitled (Cowboy), 2003 for Sarah Boxer’s slideshow review of ‘Into The Sunset,’ MoMA’s exhibition of photography’s role in creating the concept of the American West. [The irony, of course, is that Prince’s work is actually a rephotograph of a Marlboro Man ad, which was probably photographed originally by Jim Krantz.] And so I blithely grabbed an image of Untitled (Cowboy) online, resized and retitled it, and republished it as my own work, 300 x 404, After Untitled (Cowboy) 2003 by Richard Prince, and offered to let Slate show it instead. Though I’ve written for Slate before, they have not, as yet, taken me up on my offer.” - greg.org; also see the follow-up post.

About this whole affair… it probably suffices to quote greg.org: “Seriously, people, wtf.” (source) Of course, this all is fully in line with Shepard Fairey and/or the ICA not allowing photography at their show that relies on Fairey using other people’s work (to phrase it somewhat mildly). Kudos to James Danziger for taking a photo anyway.

Update (10 June): The original photo was taken by Sam Abell (thanks, Darius!) Oh, and here is Mike Spriggs’ (phone cam) installation shot of Prince’s precious art - with a “no photography” sign right in front. Lovely!