Spotlight: The Fashion Photography of Amira Fritz



After being chosen as a co-winner of the photography part of last year’s International Fashion and Photography Festival, Hyères, the fashion winner, Matthew Cunnington, approached Amira Fritz and asked whether she would be interested in taking photos of his collection. Amira agreed, and the resulting collaboration had them drive across the Bavarian countryside, casting local women as models.


These first three photos show some of the results from this collaboration. A technical note is required: The jpegs fail to reproduce the very subtle tonings of Amira’s analog prints. What’s more, what look like golden haloes are, in fact, just that: a thin layer of gold, applied to the prints.


While collaborating with the fashion winner is not a guaranteed part of the Festival, having to shoot the work of the ten fashion designers hoping to win the next year is. This clearly is one of the many perks that many other photo festivals can’t match: Where else does a young fine-art photographer get to do an actual fashion shoot (in this case in a photo studio in Paris)? The remaining photographs are three of the ten photos Amira shot for the 2009 Festival.


Note that, again, the jpegs don’t do the actual photos much justice.


The flowers in all the photos tie in with Amira’s non-fashion work. Different flowers have different meanings, as is probably not very commonly known any longer (many people probably only know when and how to use red roses). Those interested in this can find a huge list here.