Conscientious has a new home


Two weeks ago, my former hosting company, Mediatemple, experienced a meltdown on one of their hard drive systems, causing this blog - along with thousands of other sites - to be unavailable. While many of the smaller sites were brought up after a day or so, this blog only came back after three days. In fact, it took them more than three days for a proper reconstruction. Unfortunately, I was not prepared for a situation like that. First of all, given that the hosting was more expensive - and supposedly fancier - than most other available offers, I frankly had not anticipated the level of incompetence at display at Mediatemple. I had not anticipated a situation where the best solution would be to move the blog elsewhere within a few days. Of course, when the site went blank, I did not imagine it would take them so long to bring it back up.

While I realized on day 2 that I was in trouble, there was very little I could do about it - apart from setting up a temporary site, where I continued posting about photography as if nothing happened. In the meantime, I went looking for new hosting. When I had the new hosting, I had to set up the blog, which, fortunately, took a little bit less time than anticipated.

So here we are, with the “new” Conscientious, which does not look like the old one, but which right now contains everything there was on the blog the day the hosting had its meltdown. You probably noticed already that it looks slightly different - I’m using a different template (because the latest version of the software used for the blog, Movable Type, has changed a lot).

If you don’t like the new design, don’t worry, it’s just temporary; I will get an actual designer for a re-design. If you do like the new design, I’m afraid it won’t be around for long.

In the meantime, I will continue my regular posting here, while adding the posts from my temporary site. So nothing I wrote in these past two weeks will be lost (apart from announcements or other irrelevant stuff). The series of posts about statements from about a week ago I will compile into a single post, with some extra editing, though.

I am pretty certain that old links will work just fine (old entries should have the same URLs as before); but if you notice any problems with older posts or some of the pages please drop me a line.

OK, time to get back to talking about photography now, and sorry again for the kerfuffle…