Are Blogs Encouraging the Quick Consumption of Photography?


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I don’t even know why I didn’t realize this earlier, but most blogs (at least those similar to Conscientious) are being organized in a temporal way - new posts are sorted by when they were published - but, in fact, their contents usually is not temporal at all! I do post one photographer per day, but the reason why I post one is so that people have enough time to look, so that the photographer’s work is done justice. This might make it look like yesterday’s photographer is “old news”, but that’s just because the blogging software makes it look that way. I mean I could post thirty photographer at the beginning of every month and then remain quiet for the rest of the month - but that would obviously reduce the experience of seeing the work. I guess what this really comes down to is a need for a better way to organizes the “archives”… (thinking out loud) But it’s good for people to realize this: The fact that you here see one photographer after the other, day after day, has reasons that have little to do with showing something new every day.