Chronicle of the death of 15 people, announced online


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“Shit Bernd I’ve had enough. I’m sick of this crap life. Always the same. Everybody is laughing about me, nobody is noticing my potential. I’m serious. I got guns here. Tomorrow, I’ll go to my school, and I’ll have a real nice barbeque. Tomorrow, you’ll hear from me. Remember the name of the town Winnenden. And now don’t tell the police, don’t worry, I’m just trolling.” (my translation, German original of an internet chat quoted here) A day later, 15 people were dead, killed by the 17-year old Tim K., who had taken his father’s Beretta gun (the only one not kept locked up in a safe - click on the image above to see the final [edited] shootout). Tim K.’s chat partner’s reaction to the announcement: *LOL* He only told his parents about what Tim K. had told him the night before after he heard about what happened.

(Updated below)

Update (12 March 2009): The story is changing a little bit now. Apparently, Tim K. left his message on some sort of message board - the details given in this page differ a bit from the earlier ones. The last sentence of that message (which I added just now) was also not given previously.

Update 2 (12 March 2009): Now there are claims the internet forum page is a fake. And the police say there are no indications that Tim K. in fact visited that website. Here’s an English language new page. So now there’s quite another light on this all, no more (or less) disturbing than the original one.

Update (13 March 2009): School Shooting Internet Post a Fake