‘The Worst Photograph Ever Made’


General Photography

I don’t think this photograph is any worse than any of the other products by the same photographer, but the description of this piece is spot on: “a pandering (unto capitulation) to empty style; excessive color which is nevertheless unattractive; […] a really woeful idea […] that nevertheless doesn’t even work; heavyhanded overproduction; no trace of irony; a blatantly fake background that doesn’t even try to match the studio-shot foreground; a baby butt, for that touch of smack-you-with-a-dead-fish cuteness; campy makeup, kitschy hair; and, to top it all off, a hilariously incongruous product placement like an embarrassing pimple.”

We all stand (slightly) corrected - the photo in question is not the worst photograph ever (even though it is very, very, very bad): Daryl Lang looked at the whole calendar and asked “Is anybody willing to defend September-October?” OK, that is the worst photograph ever made.