Photographers of the Year 2008


General Photography

At the end of every year, I usually spend time looking through all the entries I’ve compiled over the past 12 months, and I pick the three photographers whose work has made the strongest impression on me in that period. So in the spirit of my previous lists, without further ado here are my photographers of the year 2008 (as usual, in alphabetical order).

Early in 2008, Joakim Eskildsen’s monumental The Roma Journeys was published. I talked about the work with him in one of my conversations.

I picked Hiroh Kikai’s Asakusa Portraits as my favourite photography book this year, which is why I’m including him in this list.

This year, I have been very focused on contemporary portraiture, and Hellen van Meene’s work has had a particular appeal for me. I talked with Hellen about here work in one of my conversations.