Announcement: ‘Bare’ at Michael Mazzeo Gallery


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I’m extremely happy to be able to announce Bare [link absolutely nsfw!], a group exhibition of photography that I curated, to open at Michael Mazzeo Gallery on 11 Dec, 2008 (a reception for the artists will be held at the gallery on Thursday, December 11, from 6PM to 8PM).

from the press release:

“Participating artists include, Rachael Dunville, Amy Elkins, Ethan Aaro Jones, Richard Learoyd, Jennifer Loeber, Hellen van Meene, Josh Quigley, Richard Renaldi, Jessica Roberts, Alec Soth, Shen Wei and Carmen Winant. […]

“Emerging from a long history of figurative representation, the images that make up Bare represent various perspectives on the human form, and the relationships that are defined by physical experience. Reflecting a contemporary liberation from deeply rooted and oppressive conventions, particularly the issues of the male gaze and the imposition of sexuality onto an objectified body, these photographs reveal emotional and psychological intimacies that allow the subjects to be represented as independent beings.

“The photographers included in Bare actively counter the images of exclusively sexual and idealized bodies, exploited by the unwitting alliance of conservative groups and the advertising industry, which despite their divergent goals, function in the same way to impose an unattainable beauty standard, and the equation of nudity = sex.”