Conscientious - The Google Group



I set up a Google group called “Conscientious” for discussions about posts seen here and about photography in general - so if you want to comment on anything you can do it there. There are various reasons for a Google group (some of the mundanely technical). The most important one might is that I am interested in a spirited and civil discussion, and that simply excludes both anonymity and members with generic first names only (“Joe” or “Jill”) or non-names (“aphotographer”). Anyone can view the group; but if you want to post, you’ll have to ask me for an invite (simply email me). Anyone will get an invite from me - provided there’s a real full name and a valid email address - with no other restrictions. There’s no moderation of posts. So, again, email me if you want to become a member, and you’ll get the invite. As of right now, there are 54 66 76 91 members with some very discussions already happening. Oh, and I’ll also post items at the group that for whatever reason would not show up here, incl. something I’m calling “Impressions”. (Updated post)