‘A rough night for gay Obama supporters’



“‘Am I crazy to feel so bad about Prop. 8 when something so great just happened?’ I asked my dear friend ‘Joseph.’ Like Obama, Joseph is in his 40s, was raised by a single white mother, had an absent black father and has worked all his adult life as a community organizer in the poorest of black neighborhoods. Unlike Obama, Joseph is a Christian minister. Also, Joseph is gay — and concerned enough about the consequences of that fact to be quoted here pseudonymously. ‘I feel exactly the same way,’ Joseph answered. ‘Sixty-seven percent of my state voted for a man who looks like me. Fifty-two percent of my state decided to deny me the right to live the life that’s natural to me. It’s really strange to believe that so many people could support me on the one hand and deny me on the other.’” - story