Atlanta Celebrates Photography - Recap


General Photography

This past weekend, I went to Atlanta to be part of Atlanta Celebrates Photography’s portfolio reviews (photo above courtesy Michael David Murphy). I thought it was quite amazing what Amy Miller and Michael David Murphy had managed to come up with - how do you even go about organizing a photography festival with just two people? Given I was only in town for two days I just caught a glimpse of all the different events, with the Public Art Program being the very obvious personal favourite: A multimedia installation inside an old water tower (thus making every Becherite happy). Check out this clip, which gives you an idea of the project.

The portfolio reviews had 52 photographer meet with 16 reviewers - for me, this was the first such event I joined as a reviewer (I had done “crits” and other reviews before). Fortunately, there was time after the actual review sessions to meet and talk with the photographer without the time limits; and since I always try to see as much new photography as possible I had a great time.

There are quite a few more well-known photography festivals that offer such reviews, and I think people are well advised to add Atlanta Celebrates Photography to their mental list of places to go to for a portfolio review.