Art for Obama


General Photography, Politics

Art for Obama is an online auction of photographs to benefit the Obama Campaign. Fifty of the country’s most prominent artists and photographers have donated their work for this cause. The auction will launch on October 1st and will run for one week. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Obama Campaign, to the Democratic National Committee and to non-profit organizations such as, which are currently devoting their energy to helping the Obama campaign. Proceeds will be distributed in strict accordance with Federal Election Commmission regulations.” (source) Participating artists include Tim Davis, Larry Fink, Katy Grannan, Lisa Kereszi, David Maisel, Richard Misrach, Alec Soth, Larry Sultan, and many more (seems like some were added since I first posted this). Note (updated 3 Oct): According to the organizers (they sent out an email), “In order to abide by FEC regulations, we will not be donating our proceeds directly to Obama or the DNC . Instead, the proceeds will go to; one of the most effective advocacy groups for the Obama campaign, who is also involved in respectful, and progressive issues that concern us all as Americans.”