‘The Aesthetics of Terror’ at The Chelsea Art Museum Cancelled



“‘The Aesthetics of Terror’, an exhibition scheduled for launch this November at the Chelsea Art Museum has been canceled.” (story)

I don’t really fully understand what has actually happened - and it seems I’m not alone - but this following statement by Chelsea Art Museum President Dorothea Keeser is extremely noteworthy (and troubling): “I do not think that an artist should show children and women which are torn apart by bombs. That is not the question for the artist. An artist has to go one step beyond, and find what are the reasons for terrorism and how one can go to another way a revolution against terrorism, and not just show very banal photos which we see every day in the television. That’s not art.” (source, my emphasis)

It does get even more Palinesque after that:
“Paddy Johnson: So which artist is doing that?
“Dorothea Keeser: I do not know, and would not like to get into the discussion of whether I did not like this or that artist. I only went into the discussion that I think we have to discuss both sides; why there is terrorism, and what other possibilities there are. A lot of peace makers have had very big success. The only way to fight is not to throw guns at innocent people.”

So why does the Chelsea Art Museum need a curator when it has a President?

And there is more.