Just as an aside


General Culture

This is just an aside (even though it’s all caused by me looking into some of the recommendations about on-demand printing I’ve received via email): If you have a business one of the worst things you can do is to make it hard to see your price list. Some on-demand publishing site just told me I had to “register” to be able to see the price list. Needless to day, they’ll never see me as a customer. Behaviour like this appears to be quite symptomatic for many of those on-demand publishers. Instructions are either not given or hidden someplace (so that, technically, it’s all on the web, but, realistically, you can only find it if you invest a lot of time in it), a lot of vital information is never explained or can only be found if you sift through the “forum”. That’s another no-no for any website: If your clients can only find important information on the “forum” (aka it’s really provided by other - often disgruntled and/or semi-frustrated - customers) your service sucks. Seriously.