‘The edge of understanding’



Chances are you have heard of CERN’s LHC experiment, or maybe not. It probably is the most ambitious science experiment ever done (“One of the LHC’s detectors - Atlas - weighs as much as 100 Boeing 747s. Looking like a cross between some improbably big communications satellite and the largest electric dynamo you can imagine, Atlas is the work of 1,900 scientists drawn from 164 universities in 35 countries.” [source]), and if you want to find out more about its goals etc. this is the place to go. Oh, and it’s not going to blow up the planet.

PS: It does say quite a bit about the state of affairs of the US media to see something like this, doesn’t it? No serious, self respecting scientist expects the collider to create a doomsday; just like no serious, self respecting scientist denies that global warming is a reality and a gigantic challenge for humanity.