German Paper Admits Running Topless Photo of 13-Year-Old Girl


General Photography

What with the scandal around Bill Henson’s work in Australia, here is some news about something that is similar, except there’s more than one twist - and it might serve as a yardstick to measure what is art and what not: “Germany’s largest-circulation newspaper [note the word “newspaper” does not really mean newspaper in this context - JMC], the tabloid Bild, which routinely places nude photos of women on its front page, has admitted that it published a topless photo of a 13-year-old girl. On August 8, 2003, as part of a reader contest seeking the ‘hottest girl of summer,’ the newpaper [sic!] ran a topless photo of ‘Melanie from Leipzig.’ […] the paper ran the photograph next to a short text that read: ‘Hot Bitsy, this summer is becoming a catwalk for naked children. The sun is stroking our beautiful women in their birthday suits more beautifully than ever before. Melanie from Leipzig, too, just can’t keep her clothes on in this heat. Do your clothes slip off in this desert heat, too? BILD is seeking the hottest summer girl. Send us your beat the heat photos.’” (story)