Hyères 2008: The Final Wrap-Up (All This and More)


General Photography

This is the final installation of my brief series of posts on Hyères 2008, with no clear focus, to give you an idea who else was there, what happened, etc.

Apart from a show of work by Melvin Sokolsky, there were three other photography shows on view.


The Sartorialist (spotted in the audience of the fashion show above) showed some of his work and produced more work for his blog (some of which is already up).


Jessica Roberts, one of the co-winners of last year’s festival, showed the fashion photography that she had been commissioned to do (in an old church, where my little point-and-shoot more or less crapped out on me). She did a fantastic job with that commission, and hopefully, it’ll be on view online soon.

Popel Coumou, the other co-winner from last year, also showed her commissioned work - James Danziger already talked about that work (and my installation shot makes her photos look bad, so I spare you that).

Needless to say, there was a whole lot more going on - a fashion show (check out Diane Pernet’s blog for plenty of fashion shots - for those not in the know Diane is the lady in black in the picture right on top of this post), a whole bunch of parties and dinners… I don’t want to be overindulgently talking about all of that, so I’ll conclude this post with a bunch of silly snaps.


Fumiya knew: When going to France, don’t miss the monopod that can be mounted directly on top of a wine bottle!


Reviewing photography in the sun (that’s, from left to right, Philippe and Urs, Scarlett and David, Melvin, and a bit of Spencer’s head).


Jessica showing her work to Clémentine Mercier, one of the writers behind the new French blog Zoum Zoum, which now has some English text for most posts (so there’s no excuse for not adding it to your blogroll any longer).

And, finally, I’ll go fully Jackanory with two little gems (I have more, but I will have mercy and not show all of them)…


Darren really telling it like it is.


Ume striking a “samurai” pose. So there!