Cornell Capa, Concerned Photographer, 1918-2008


General Photography

Cornell Capa, Founding Director of the International Center of Photography, died in New York City this morning (23 May 2008). “Capa was the younger brother of pioneering war photojournalist and Magnum founder Robert Capa, whose 1954 death shaped the younger Capa’s commitment to humanity-centered photography. […] In 1966, Capa teamed up with [Werner] Bischof’s widow, Rosellina Bischof, and [David] Seymour’s sister, Eileen Schneiderman, to establish the International Fund for Concerned Photography. The Fund sought to keep alive the work of his brother, Bischof and Seymour by promoting what Capa called ‘concerned photography’ - work committed to contributing to or understanding humanity’s well-being. The fund sponsored its first traveling exhibit in 1967. Aptly titled ‘The Concerned Photographer,’ it featured the work of Bischof, Robert Capa, Seymour, Leonard Freed, Andre Kertesz, and Dan Weiner.” (source)