Miley Cyrus Bare In Vanity Fair


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See, this is what happens when you leave the country: You just miss the most important stories. Like this one, for example: Miley Cyrus Bare In Vanity Fair: Tells Fans She’s ‘Embarrassed’.

Update: “For her photograph of the teenage celebrity, Leibovitz chose a palette strongly redolent of the dirty postcards of yesteryear, sepia embittered with black, a suggestion of eye-blue and lip-red, as if retouched by hand, with never - thank our stars - a hint of pink. […] It is Disney, after all, that is merchandising this child, and the suggestion of pimping will cling to it. Leibovitz may be cynical, is obviously cynical. She is also, as usual, justified.” (Germaine Greer; make sure to also read the final contribution, at the bottom of the page)

“Never mind what a ludicrous system this is that chooses young women for their sex appeal and then expects them to act as role models for the chastity of the rest of the population. It’s the insincerity of everyone concerned that really chokes me. Not one person involved can seriously think Miley Cyrus had any kind of influence over this, or any other, image-building decision.” (Zoe Williams)