The Not So Big Conscientious Give-Away


Well, not really. But for reasons that need not be discussed I do have an extra copy of “Let’s talk about love - A Journey to the End of Taste” (which I talked about here), and I will send it to you if you email me and either offer me something cool/funny/interesting in return or give me a good reason why you should be the extremely lucky recipient of this great book (US and Canada only, please). Emails received by next Monday (31 March 2008) will be considered.

Update: The lucky winner (no, seriously, it’s a great book) is Daphne Chan, who writes “I was born in the heartland of Celine Dion. […] Growing up in Montreal, and not having access to US sitcoms on cable [is that such a bad thing?], I was forced to watched public television, […] featuring Ma Chere Celine, All Dion, All the time. […] In fact, I’m still scarred from having to learn the song she sang for The Pope when he visited Montreal.” Here at Conscientious we like to support trauma victims wherever we can, so Daphne, the book is yours.