Saved From a Lynching


General Photography

“My first day on the ground in Kenya, I went into Mathare with a group of photographers after hearing that there had been some problems. Two mobs were facing off on the main street leading into the Nairobi slum. Once the dust had settled, I met an Italian photographer by the name of Enrico Dangnino. He was pretty shaken up. He had blood stains on his clothes and told me that earlier in the day they had witnessed a near lynching but were able to save the man’s life. […] a Luo mob got hold of a man from the Kamba tribe whom they now consider to be an enemy. He was simply trying to cross through the neighborhood to get to his home. The mob attacked him with weapons, kicked him and began dousing him with gasoline, presumably to set him on fire. Enrico, and his colleague, Luc Delahaye, decided to intervene and managed to spare his life.” (story, with a slide show here)