Woke up in the city



I went to NYC this past weekend, and I met and ran into several people, incl. - as can be seen above - fellow blogger Mr Jackanory Andrew Hetherington. For me, it’s always fun to meet people who I know from the web and/or via email; there’s that extra thrill of the actual person-to-person interaction, and I can say that a good time was being had. Oh, btw, Andrew has a self-published book out, which I couldn’t recommend more (and, no, I’m not writing this since he bribe me). He told me that he gave Dashwood ten copies to sell, don’t know whether they are already sold out - if not get one!

Of course, I also went to see some shows. You probably have seen my little rant about gallery X already - no, I will not reveal what gallery it is, because obviously those people don’t care anyway.

I guess I could re-post my earlier post about big prints. I saw a couple of shows which had huge, amazingly badly printed photos - I was literally stunned to see the photos. Everybody I talked to said the same thing (without me even mentioning the print quality). Unbelievable.

And then I also went to the New Museum with its fancy new building. It escapes me, though, why they would want to open the museum showing art that looks like it’s out of a first-year class at some community college art program.